The first annual Faith, Science, and Climate Action Conference, held late 2018, convened more than 200 people from Montana who are deeply concerned about the real and imminent threat from climate change to the earth’s life-sustaining systems.

We learned from scientists and faith leaders about the impacts of climate change on Montana and the world, and we committed to solutions-oriented collaboration.

The recently released United Nations Intergovernmental Panel Special Report, with over 6000 cited references from hundreds of scientists, calls for immediate worldwide attention to this global problem already causing suffering among the vulnerable.

Our varied faiths hold common values of responsible stewardship and social justice, summoning us to moral courage and action. We are excited about possibilities for new technologies, regenerative agriculture, improvement in human health, and greater equity for the world’s poor.

As people of faith and people of science, we have committed to actions which will lessen future suffering, help people adapt to changing conditions, and create a better future.

We call upon Congressmen Daines, Tester and Gianforte and our Montana legislators to commit to climate protection. Please raise the level of public discourse about climate change, its threats, and its opportunities. Form bipartisan coalitions to develop science-based solutions and public policy which looks beyond immediate political gain. Plan for economic transformation which will improve everyone's health and well-being.

The welfare of coming generations depends on our courage now.

Abby Huseth, Faith and Climate Action Missoula Coordinator, Missoula

Dr. Anne Carlson, The Wilderness Society, Bozeman

Dr. Byron Robert. Big Horn Valley Health Center, Hardin

Rev. Jody McDevitt, First Presbyterian Church, Bozeman

Kristen Walser, Climate Advocate, Bozeman

Dr. Lori Byron, Pediatrician, Billings

Rev. John Lund, ELCA pastor, Missoula

Sue Higgins, MSU-Bozeman, CAIRHE Center, Bozeman

Rev. Valerie Webster, Lutheran Diocese of MT, Bozeman

Will Wright, Creation Care Organizer, Resurrection University Catholic Church, Bozeman

Rev. Connie Campbell-Pearson, St. James Episcopal Church, Bozeman

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