Every time I read about another school shooting, I can’t stop wondering how this kid obtained that gun or guns, when and where he got the money and the permit and how or where did he hide it. Where is the parenting? How did this kid’s parents not have any idea what was going on? Parents that have a close and open relationship with their kids, they would notice those certain changes in their kid’s behavior. Hateful, disappointed, proud, happy -- those are the very obvious displays of their moods. If we choose to ignore them because they are kids, or you think they need their space or we are too busy or in a hurry to go to work, no time for discipline, just remember your kid is here to stay and his present and future are in your hands. We are carving their future life, take time to see what you are doing to that kid and correct your mistakes before it is too late. You’ll regret it for the rest of your life and you have destroyed your kid’s life.

So don’t blame the guns, they kill because of the hand that pulls the trigger. Just like a car, the driver is guilty, not the car. We have to make time to see our kids’ life, what are they doing, who are their friends. Spend time with them. If you give them money for clothes, check their outfits, some are not suitable for school, insist on being part of their lives. When they ask for money, ask what it is for; they might not tell you the truth, but you show interest. I am convinced that when you are interested in your kids, they think twice before they do harm to others.

In this case of these kids’ shooting, it shows hate, blaming others for their unhappiness at home, ignoring parents. Yes, everything starts at home, where else? We brought them into this life, we are responsible for them. I do think gun control done right should be able to avoid guns in the wrong hands of sick, hateful individuals. School shootings with guns in the hands of kids, it is an issue that with parents’ control we might find the answer why, where and when these kids obtained those guns. If we are going to have control, let’s start at home where it should begin. Mom and Dad having dinner with the kids at the kitchen table having a conversation about the day’s events, laughing about Dad’s joke. Home.

Elizabeth Scholz