Know that 60 percent of Montanans favor the concept of euthanasia. That is, until they learn that the laws "emotionally" sold as something for the individual are actually written to benefit corporations. And that predatory corporations and others get instant immunity, with investigations prohibited. Then 95 percent of the 60 percent say “I am not for that.” And we all know Montana’s history of dealing with predatory corporations.

Our 1972 Montana Constitution Bill of Rights Committee considered the right to die and rejected it. Our Criminal Law Commission specifically found that consent is not a defense for assisting a suicide. Our 2009 Montana Supreme Court ignored these precedents and their original intent by ruling that if a physician is charged with a homicide, they could have a potential defense based on consent.

The time has come to rebuke our Montana Supreme Court for their activism via Baxter v. Montana. 

From the first day at the Capitol in 2011, the leadership said they were going to kill ours and our opponents' bills. They did not want to give the court another look at the issue. We were prudently patient to restrain our indignation.

Our opponent’s “immunity for all-prohibiting investigations” bill was rejected in three sessions even after record lobbying spending. They withdrew in 2017.

We were threatened in public by legislators and an ex-justice that if we attempted to overturn the court, they would sue and the court would declare it a constitutional right. If they really believe that then their governor should sign the bill into law.

It was good to continue to press the issue in 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017, if only for defensive education. Now, with the trend at our U.S. Supreme Court, we do not have to wait a generation to change our Montana court.

It is time to flip some tables and force the governor to explain why he invited the global euthanasia monopoly to Montana in the first place. (This witnessed claim is based on an excited utterance by his peer when she saw our banner at the 2012 Democratic state convention.)

And ask those deceptively promoting assisted suicide why they omit an ordinary witness to the self-administration of the lethal dose, which dishonors our individual choice and eviscerates flaunted safeguards? Why do they provide instant immunity for predatory corporations and others protected by a prohibition of investigations?

Montana is nimble enough to lead the nation.

Vote "yes" on LC 2356

Bradley Williams of Hamilton is president of Montanans Against Assisted Suicide (MTaas.org).

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