I am proud to endorse Russ Fagg for the United States Senate. Russ announced that he had received endorsements from over 100 current and former Republican leaders from around the state. I am on that list because I believe that Russ is the only conservative that can beat Jon Tester.

Russ Fagg is a fourth generation Montanan, a two-term Republican legislator, and was a Judge in Billings for over 20 years. Russ will represent Montana in the U.S. Senate because he is one of us. He understands Montana values and his campaign is Montana focused.

Unlike some in this race, he is not self-funding or accepting massive amounts of money from out-of-staters and PACs. Russ is looking to receive the support of Montanans and he has. Following his impressive fundraising quarter, 80 percent of Russ’ money came from in-state donors, which is in stark contrast to some of his primary opponents, and even starker against his general election opponent, Jon Tester, who has only raised 20 percent of his money in-state.

The choice for me is clear, I'm supporting Russ Fagg.

Sen. Doug Kary, R-Billings, represents Senate District 22 in the Montana Legislature.