Rep. Jasmine Krotkov, D-Great Falls

Rep. Jasmine Krotkov, D-Great Falls

A short time ago, at a constituent town hall in Great Falls, I asked Senator Tester about the Administration’s recent move to “reallocate” essential Department of Homeland Security funding to further bolster unnecessary border detention of refugees and immigrants by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. To his credit, he seemed genuinely upset by this fiscal slight-of-hand shell game that was done without a chance to object and/or stop.

As we all recently learned, money that was budgeted for the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Coast Guard, Federal Air Marshal Service, and Transportation Security Administration has all been re-routed to pay for border walls and detention facilities for migrant children and families.

This is literally not what anyone voted for. Congress voted to spend the money one way yet the President spends it another way. This cannot be rubberstamped!

In the future, we need both Senators Tester and Daines (both appropriators) to be united in their opposition to this sort of financial hijacking. Presidents don’t get to pick and choose what they fund. That’s Congress.

For Congress to be a co-equal branch, they have to act like it.

Rep. Jasmine Krotkov, D-Great Falls, represents House District 25 in the Montana Legislature. 

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