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We see examples of bias in news stories today, despite the fact that the press is supposed to be the “Third Rail” of our political system. They are thought to be the beacons of neutrality and objectivity when it comes to “reporting” the news, not creating the news.

Matt Volz, of the Associated Press, has made it a point to exclude a frontrunner in the 2018 GOP primary race. Mr. Volz has excluded Dr. Albert Olszewski in numerous written articles, mentioning the other 3 candidates, 1 of which is far behind in polling favorability.

Why has Mr. Volz exempted Dr. Al Olszewski from news stories he’s authored? What’s his grudge against Dr. Olszewski? Why would Mr. Volz inject his own biases into a race? Why would he suppress Dr. Olszewski’s clear position as a leading candidate in this primary election? I would appreciate some explanation from Mr. Volz as to why he believes it’s reasonable for him to attempt to influence a race of this magnitude.

If Mr. Volz has a modicum of character, and I believe he does, then he needs to explain his past actions in opposition to Dr. Olszewski. He must also begin reporting the news about the GOP primary and include Dr. Olszewski and his campaign, rather than engaging in what clearly looks to be an effort to influence the outcome of a race.

What’ll it be, Mr. Volz?

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Rep. Brad Tschida, R-Missoula, represents House District 97 in the Montana Legislature. 


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