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All this crying about one float in the parade depicting the Madison Buffalo Jump. First off, strange how this jump is named after a white fellow. Maybe they should start there and change the name.

Second, this float was depicting an event in history, not claiming to be completely historically accurate to the smallest detail. Even the movies get it wrong, as do the history books. Those with larger budgets are not right, so why would high school kids get it all right?

This was done through the eyes of high school kids, which are not always clear, for they see through the movies and history books.

Would it have been better to show whites killed by Indians on the Bloody Bozeman Trail, or Custer’s death at the Last Stand hill?

This float was not meant to be 100% accurate. This is nothing more than another example of P.C. run amok (with no consideration except for yourself — grow up).

The white fellow was mostly seen as playing cards, drinking and wild women — nothing about the churches or tent revivals or one-room school houses. Should I be upset? Maybe so, but I am not. So calm down and take it for what it was: just a depiction of Montana history through high school eyes.


Charlie P. Hull Jr.

East Helena


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