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Until the article about Gianforte supposedly body-slamming a reporter, I was undecided about who to vote for. Considering, and I have witnessed this personally, reporters can be pushy, arrogant, and do anything to get a story. I wouldn't be surprised since this man is from the extremely liberal Guardian if he didn't do his best to provoke this incident.

Also, please spare us from comments of political science professors. Everyone knows they're liberals. The worst thing and most enlightening is the IR's withdrawal of their endorsement. I thought anyone was innocent before being proven guilty? Obviously not in the IR's case. So this proves, as most people have told me, the IR is a typical liberal news source like the national news networks.

I have always voted for the individual regardless of their party. But because of these events I've decided to vote for Gianforte, thanks for making up my mind for me.

Greg Harden



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