Letters to the editor

Last weekend for the Bard

I recently saw "Romeo and Juliet" performed in Helena by Shakespeare in the Parks. I played Lord Capulet (Juliet's dad) two years ago for the Montana Shakespeare Company and enjoyed watching the Shakespeare in the Parks production. Thanks for bringing the show to town for an evening.

The Montana Shakespeare Company has been performing two Shakespeare plays, "Much Ado About Nothing" and "Mid-Summer's Night Dream," all summer at Performance Park on the walking mall. My daughter performs, so I have seen each of the shows several times.

"Mid-Summer's Night Dream" is hilarious. "Much Ado About Nothing" is a comedy and although a little more serious, equally entertaining. If you have fears about understanding Shakespeare, these are the shows for you as the cast does a wonderful job with the language and the acting.

This is the last weekend coming up with "Dream" performed at 8 p.m. on Friday night on the grass at Carroll College and "Much Ado" at 8 p.m. on Thursday and Saturday night at Performance Park.

The weather should be gorgeous and the shows fun. Please support the arts in Helena by seeing both shows. You won't regret it.

Jim Hunt, director

Montana Shakespeare Co.

310 Broadway

Facts, not fear

Thank you for your article discussing Larry Rathbun, the MS patient imprisoned for treating his MS with medical marijuana. While the article was very positive overall, the opponents' arguments were based on fear, rather than fact.

Opponents predict that I-148 would create a law-enforcement nightmare. Yet, in 2002, a Congress investigation found that medical marijuana laws did not hinder law enforcement efforts.

Opponents also focus on teens' treatment for marijuana use. Yet in states with medical marijuana laws, teen's use of marijuana declined. In fact, California's Office of the Attorney General found that since the state passed its medical marijuana initiative, marijuana use among teens has dropped, in some age categories by as much as 40 percent.

Nine states have passed medical marijuana laws since 1996. Those laws have not led to an increase in recreational drug use, nor have they caused law enforcement problems.

As for marijuana's medical value, many professional medical associations have endorsed using medical marijuana under a doctor's supervision. Furthermore, a study commissioned by the White House found that medical marijuana can reduce pain, nausea, and appetite loss.

I trust Montana voters will make an informed decision, in favor of I-148, based on facts, not fear.

Paul Befumo

Medical Marijuana Policy Project of Montana

2120 S. Reserve Street, #235


Magnet torn up

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Saturday evening we were fortunate enough to take a family outing to the fair. When we returned to our vehicle, our smiles disappeared. The "We Support Our Troops" magnets we so proudly displayed on the back of our vehicle had not only been removed, but were torn up and thrown on the ground.

I believe in everybody's right to their own opinion, but please to do not take away my right to voice mine. There are many people that do not believe in this war, but does that mean we should turn our backs on the men and women who serve this country in the United States Armed Forces? It's a shame.

How unfortunate to choose to live life with so much hatred, not only for their country, but for those who defend that very freedom they have so taken for granted. This act of vandalism will not scar me, nor will it change my views, after all, they were just magnets.

It has not been a total loss… I was given the chance to donate more money to the families of those who have been deployed to defend our nation when I purchased new magnets.

Proud to be an American!

Amy Wolfe

P.O. Box 6461

Upset by photo

I was sickened and angry as I opened my paper this morning. If your staff felt it was necessary to run a photo with the story "Helenan fatally shot," then I feel it did not need to include the body.

Byron Frazel was known to many in the Helena area, especially the dental field and was a terrific man. To his wife, family, and other friends, I hope you did not have time to read your paper. Throw it in the trash, since that is what it is.

Debbie Davis

810 Lode St.

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