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This is a "pointed" survey. Why don't you ask: should there be an impeachment inquiry?; if inquiry evidence proves wrong doing, should he be impeached?; if impeached, should he be removed? Come on - these surveys are always tricky.

John Mundinger

This poll perpetuates misunderstanding. The removal of the president from office is a 3-step process, similar to the judicial process. It begins with the collection of evidence, followed by the evaluation of the evidence to determine whether it is sufficient to justify a trial, followed by a trial to determine guilt/innocence. At present, there is sufficient information to establish probable cause for an investigation. It is premature to suggest that the evidence is sufficient to justify the removal of Trump from office. It is unfortunate that the weighing of the evidence is tainted because too many D's are rushing to judgment and too many R's, including Trump, are focused on thwarting the investigation.

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