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    CNET reports that on Jan. 26, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) said it disrupted the operations of Hive, a ransomware group. The department began infiltrating the group in July 2022.

      The National Prayer Breakfast is one of the most visible and long-standing events that brings religion and politics together in Washington. But due to concerns the gathering had become too divisive, it's now splitting from the private religious group that had overseen it for decades.

      On this episode of the Across the Sky podcast, the Lee Weather sat down with Meteorologist Joe Murgo who talks about his over of 20 years worth of Groundhog day tales. About the Across the Sky podcast The weekly weather podcast is hosted on a rotation by the Lee Weather team: Matt Holiner of…

      Former President Donald Trump and his allies have been put on notice by a prosecutor, but the warning didn’t come from anyone at the Justice Department. It's from a Georgia prosecutor who indicates she's likely to seek criminal charges soon in a two-year election subversion probe. Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis argued in court last week decisions in the case are “imminent.” Though Willis didn’t mention Trump by name, her comments mark the first time a prosecutor leading any of the current investigations related to him has so bluntly hinted charges could be forthcoming. Trump insists he did nothing wrong.


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