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Casey Anderson

Casey Anderson

"The Mountain Lion and Me," a new special starring Montana filmmaker Casey Anderson, who was born and raised in East Helena, premieres Wednesday, March 14, at 6 p.m. Mountain Time on the Smithsonian Channel.

Anderson has formed a remarkable relationship with one of America’s most powerful predators, a mountain lion named Mama Mo. Anderson first discovers Mama Mo one winter night when tracks in the snow appear outside of his home in Paradise Valley, Montana. It sparks Anderson's year-long obsession with the adult mountain lion and her cubs who are hunting in his backyard. Astonishingly, Mama Mo lets him into her world, and Anderson uses the latest high-tech tools to capture an unprecedented view into the intimate lives of mountain lions in the wild. Anderson not only painstakingly tracks Mama Mo’s every move, even as she crosses into the legal hunting zone, but he even ventures deep inside the lion’s den. 

Also premiering this March is "Casey Anderson's Wild Tracks," a series of six episode shorts launching on March 26 on Smithsonian Earth. Anderson has spent years exploring the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, a vast, rugged wilderness – one of the last of its kind on Earth. From infrared camera trap footage of a mountain lion’s kill to staying on the heels of a pack of hunting wolves, viewers get an insider’s look at America’s greatest wildlife icons. The first episode, "Battle of the Bighorns," will be available to watch for free at starting March 14.

Anderson is a fifth-generation Montanan. He has been involved in film and television production for over 20 years. As a wildlife filmmaker, Casey has worked and hosted several wildlife series including "The Great Yellowstone Thaw" for BBC & PBS, and "America the Wild" and "Expedition Wild" for Nat Geo Wild.

Anderson has filmed animals across the globe, from mountain lions in his backyard to wild dogs in Africa and gators in the swamps of Florida. His hope is that as people learn more about wildlife and their respect for wildlife deepens, we will all be able to co-exist.


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