U.S. Senate candidate Amanda Curtis’ stands on major issues

U.S. Senate candidate Amanda Curtis’ stands on major issues

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Democrat Amanda Curtis is opposing Republican Steve Daines and Libertarian Roger Roots in the race for Montana’s open U.S. Senate seat. Her stands on major issues include:

The Affordable Care Act (also known as “Obamacare”): Supports it. Says it’s making a “huge difference in the lives of many Montanans,” helping them afford health coverage. Says it’s not perfect, and that Republicans and Democrats should work together to fix its problems.

Fighting the Islamic State and terrorism in the Middle East: Believes the United States must take an active role in combating the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, but not without support from Arab and other allies. Opposes arming anti-Islamic State rebels in Syria, saying it’s unknown whether arms may end up in hands of U.S. opponents.

Keystone XL pipeline: Supports construction of the oil pipeline from Canada to the Gulf Coast, but only if there’s a guarantee that crude oil transported via the pipeline will be refined in the United States instead of exported.

New greenhouse-gas rules: Supports efforts by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to limit greenhouse-gas emissions, saying Montana can craft its own state-specific solution. Believes rules can be met without harming coal-fired power plants in Montana.

Federal tax reform: Wants to close corporate tax “loopholes” that encourage companies to shift jobs and operations overseas, and find ways to amend the tax code to encourage companies to develop jobs in America.

Minimum wage: Supports increasing it.

Abortion rights: Says abortion should remain legal, and that women’s health care and reproductive decisions should be “between one woman and her family, her doctor and her God.”

Gay marriage: Supports it. Says it should be a non-issue: “We love who we love, and it’s not the government’s business.”

Gun rights: Calls herself a “strong supporter of Second Amendment rights,” but believes background checks should also apply to firearms sold at gun shows. Also says she’s opposed to arming teachers in schools: “I do not think that more guns in schools solve the problem.”

Timber: Supports a bill from Sen. John Tester, D-Mont., to designate parts of three national forests in Montana for logging and create 667,000 acres of new wilderness areas. Opposes a Republican-led bill mandating minimum timber harvests in all national forests, calling it a “top-down, D.C.-based approach.”


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