For a photograph, its frame is its most imperative element. It acts not only to shepherd an observer into the photograph, but it forces the observer out of reality and into the world of the photograph. For a split second, the frame brings the viewer to a place not always pleasant, but always worthwhile... if it's done right.

This gallery, which we are calling "The Frame," aims to give life to photos that didn’t get the opportunity in the newspaper, and therefore probably didn't get online either.

Rather than giving these photos a traditional caption, they've been coupled with commentary and insight to provide a holistic understanding of the images and their purpose, to provide clarity to the photograph or testify of the making of the image on behalf of the photographer.

Every edition of The Frame will have some cohesive thread, and this month is a look at peripheral images taken while on assignment or while traviling to or from assignment. Future galleries may be photo essays on trends in our society, photographic techniques or a revisit of recent events.


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