Hunter, Barbara J.

Barbara J. Hunter passed away on May, 28, 2019, of natural causes. She was born on August 6th, 1921, in Glenwood Springs, Colorado to Genevieve (Fordham) Juhan and Joseph Juhan.

Grew up in Glenwood. Depression, hard times. Had to go to store and get groceries on credit. Joe T was geologist, miner, oil and gas prospector.

Genevieve daughter of prominent legislator and proper English family.

Barbara never forgot the lean times, and lived frugally for her means ever after.

Good student at Glenwood high, graduated at top of her class. On to College at Principia, Bachelors from Colorado state, Masters in Social work from University of Illinois.

Did social work in Chicago, and in Colorado.

Married elmer hunter in 1942. War years. Christian Science.

Three children – Dave , Carroll Jo and Chuck Raised in Fort Collins. Family was her job. Camping, Picnics by mountain stream. Cooking up a fresh trout in a frying pan. Sunday supper. Holiday meals.

As mother, was kind, loving, supportive, involved. Had high expectations for school, values, character.

Allowed kids to venture out and grow. Hitchhiking around new England. Driving old ford up Mountain passes to ski. Other examples?

Wanted kids to have opportunities. Europe trip with family.

Moved to Darien in 67. Had to adjust to east coast life and culture. Corporate world. Entertaining, fancy new dishes.

Divorced in 72. Moved to Tucson. Met and married Hank Scibienski in 1975. Many happy years with him. Kind and gentle man, matching well with her personality. Began to summer in Montana in early 90s.

Moved to Montana to be with her sons following Hanks death. Touchmark for last years, made and lost many friends. Organized activities. Was a leader. Took joy in watching grandkids grow up. Fun at cabin.

Barbara – compassion, loving, kind, generous. Smart. Curious. Sharp til end. Knew every geography question and answer in trivial pursuit. Read paper every day – prepared herself for meaningful conversations with everyone – things you were interested in. Always put others first.

Honest – told you everything. As kids, we learned the real deal early! Would talk about any subject – sometimes in details you didn’t need to know. Trait lasted entire life.

Generous. Philanthropy. Myrna Loy. Holter. Church. Helped people she met who needed help. Used cars. Payed bills and rent. Gave comfort where needed.

Planned ahead. Took care of her own life. Did not want to be a burden. Was proactive. Unlike many, grew more liberal as she got older. Proud of her sons.

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