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A book launch for "LIBERATED SPIRITS: Two Women Who Battled over Prohibition" is scheduled for 5-8 p.m. Wednesday at Ten Mile Creek Brewery in Helena. 

Hugh Ambrose and John Schuttler’s provocative new book (Berkley Hardcover; Oct. 16, 2018) reveals how the fight to both pass and repeal Prohibition was driven by two fierce, newly enfranchised women of the 1920s.

It traces the arc of the era through wealthy socialite Pauline Sabin and Assistant Attorney General Mabel Willebrandt. Emerging on the political scene soon after women’s suffrage was granted in 1920, both drove the fight forward — one zealously pursuing Prohibition’s repeal, the other its enforcement.

"LIBERATED SPIRITS" offers a revelatory glimpse into the ways that Prohibition and women’s suffrage intertwined. Together, these two amendments enabled women to reshape their role in society, marking a period of political upheaval that echoes our own, 100 years later.

Hugh Ambrose of Helena was a noted historian and the bestselling author of "The Pacific: Hell Was an Ocean Away," which became an HBO documentary miniseries from the producers of Band of Brothers. Ambrose died in 2015, and consulting historian John Schuttler completed the book after his death.

Jan. 16, 1919 is the date of the the ratification of 18th Amendment.

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