A few weeks after the earthquakes of October and November 1935 nearly destroyed the new Helena High School on Rodney Street, students were relocated to a high school on wheels assembled from 18 stage coaches placed on three sets of tracks laid down the middle of East Lyndale Avenue.

According to information compiled by the website Helena As She Was, Lyndale Avenue between the 800 and 1,000 blocks was closed to traffic to make room for the school on wheels located two blocks north of the high school building. Officials initially planned to place the cars in a rail yard, but later decided against it because of the potential hazards involved.

The Great Northern and Pacific railway companies donated the furnished rail cars at no cost, and the school board’s Vice President L.S. Hazzard was appointed to supervise the installation of lavatories and the necessary plumbing and lighting systems. The rail cars were used from December 1935 to June 1937.