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Deals on Wheels salesmen Brandon Seascholtz (left) and Jake Beeks with the new location's general manager Eddie Eichinger.

"If you just want to sell as many cars as possible, go somewhere else," said Eddie Eichinger, general manager of the new Deals on Wheels in Helena, of hiring salespeople for his lot. "We are here to help people." 

Eichinger takes the company's mission statement to heart: "providing access to reliable transportation, Deals on Wheels is committed to helping our neighbors secure better jobs, care for their families, improve their credit, and move toward their goals." 

It's his goal to help get people back behind the wheel.

"Yes, it's a competitive business," he said. "But nobody else has our model, which is what we sell."

Eichinger said most used car lots are "finance approved on credit" by working with area banks. Deals on Wheels doesn't work with a bank and instead backs vehicles with its own money. 

"Life doesn't always go great, we like to help provide reliable transportation to those who might not have credit," Eichinger said. "We sell a 'yes' where everyone else says 'no.'" 

It's a big deal for the company to help get people back on their feet, Eichinger said. The company doesn't extend loans longer than three years and bases lending off a person's ability to pay and their stability in the local area. 

"We have a lot of people come through that have hit rock bottom -- walking to work every day," he said. "We want to help those people." 

Eichinger said the business is of course there to make a profit, but he believes they still can help people get reliable transportation. 

The business sells a wide variety. 

"SUVs are kind of always in demand," he said. "But minivans are also really popular right now." 

Deals on Wheels doesn't do a lot of business involving trucks. Eichinger said they are expensive and often exceed the needs of their customers.

The company is an offshoot of an established 22-year-old business in Missoula. Eichinger, a Townsend native, is a U.S. Air Force veteran and has extensive management experience. 

The lot's inventory refreshes every week and a half and can be viewed online at www.dealsonwheelsmt.com

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