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East Helena has narrowed down its future mascot design to these five options, but may use each for various applications. 

Students in East Helena are being asked to help choose the look of the vigilantes as staff poll them on five mascot designs.

The logos were presented to the East Helena school board Monday night. The board had the option to vote on the logos but opted to gather student opinion before making a decision. 

"The board and the mascot selection committee both felt it was important for student input to be part of the decision making process," said Superintendent Ron Whitmoyer. "This is their school and their future, so their input is appreciated."

Whitmoyer did clarify that this is an opinion poll and not a vote. The poll will provide board members a sense of where students thoughts are for their mascot, he explained. However, the final decision rests with the school board. 

After the board decision to include student opinion, Whitmoyer quickly organized the poll. He said the district is on a short timeline because football helmets need to be ordered. 

Trustee Kevin Bokovoy loved many of the mascot options presented to the board and encouraged the board to use them all in some way.

"If you don't take some ownership of it, you could run into issues," Bokovoy said. He was referring to licensing and trademarks and recommended the board quickly trademark the designs. Bokovoy said the mascot is something that will perpetuate throughout the schools history, and he wants something that won't change down the line. 

Whitmoyer agreed with the suggestion of using all five in some capacity and polling students on what would be the main representation of the school's mascot. 

"Though one mascot logo will be the main or central theme of the new high school," Whitmoyer said. "All of these images will be used in marketing the East Helena High School vigilantes on a variety of sports wear and T-shirts."

After the students are polled, the board likely will reconvene for a special session to make a final decision regarding the main logo.

Other significant items of note: 

  • The board voted to pass resolution 213. This resolution allowed the district to add nearly $105k to its budget. Last month, the district petitioned the Office of Public Instruction for this budget amendment and OPI approved. This was based on the district having an unexpected increase in enrollment. Whitmoyer said the district isn't likely to need the money, but it is there just in case. The hope is to put as much as possible back into the schools. 
  • Whitmoyer announced that the district is regularly accredited through OPI after passing its evaluation. OPI's only suggestion was to increase counseling options. 

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