Thomas Reguin has been decorating his family’s house for the holidays near Lake Helena for eight years. Every year, the family welcomes the community to drive by 5785 Southview Drive and tune in and listen to the music while the lights dance.

Now, Reguin is offering his expertise to other homeowners in Helena and Great Falls. He is an aircraft mechanic in Great Falls during the week and returns to Helena on the weekend.

As lighting and technology evolve, it is easier for people to decorate their homes in dancing lights. Every year, the store shelves offer something new and shiny in holiday shapes.

“More LEDs are popping up,” Reguin said. Snowflakes, raindrops, icicles and more are illuminated for outdoor décor.

The traditional incandescent lights, Reguin said, are mostly being used on trees. The future will see more RGB lighting. These are strips of light, similar to rope lights, that use three LEDs per bulb, which can be computer controlled to put out thousands of color variations and blink in time to music.

RGB lights are on the Vukonich family house at 3167 Stillwell Drive in the East Valley. Reguin said he and Vukonich's share ideas and keep up on the latest.

Reguin uses Light-O-Rama controllers and software to program the lights to move to music. He will assemble lighting displays with resident’s equipment or he can provide the necessary accoutrements at cost.

Fees for professional decorating are set on a case by case basis, Reguin said. “But I try to work within a budget,” he said. “It is based on the size of the house and if people want just lights or a light show synched with music.”

Reguin can be reached via email at lakehelenalights@gmail.com or phone, 406-437-1768.

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