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A 21-year-old Helena woman is accused of being involved in an armed robbery and a scheme to cash bad checks. 

Alice Joeanne Williams is charged with felony accountability to robbery, felony counts of theft and forgery and two felony counts of accountability to theft and forgery.

Williams is accused of setting up a June 6 meeting with a man to sell personal items, before he was allegedly robbed at gunpoint by 29-year-old Matthew Adam Darnell. Williams denied having any involvement with the incident, but the victim said he had corresponded with her through email before the meeting.

The victim said that while Darnell was holding him at gunpoint, Williams rifled through his car and found his wallet and took it from the vehicle.

Williams is also accused of being involved in a scheme to cash $6,900 worth of stolen checks at various stores around the Helena area in April. Williams allegedly made out the checks, but did not cash any of them.

In one incident, Williams allegedly yelled at officers and accused them of forcing a co-conspirator to say things he didn't do, according to court documents.

Williams denied writing or cashing any of the checks. A person involved in the case later told police that the checks had already been filled out when Williams gave them to him. They also told police that Williams said she wasn't stupid enough to cash bad checks, and only people around her were cashing checks.

All suspects are innocent until proven guilty.



Reporter at the Helena Independent Record.

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