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Feb. 28

  • At 6:02 a.m. an officer took a report of a criminal mischief in the 700 block of Washington Street. Investigation into the matter led to a 34-year-old male being placed under arrest for probation violation. He was booked into the LCSO Jail.
  • At 9:28 a.m. an officer took a report of a theft of a generator that occurred in the 1400 block of National Avenue.
  • At 11:49 a.m. an officer took a report of a theft that occurred in the 1900 block of Prospect Avenue.
  • At 1:18 p.m. an officer met with a person in the custody of the LCSO Jail to serve them an additional warrant out of Helena Municipal Court.  The 21-year-old male was left in the custody of the jail.
  • At 9:39 p.m. an officer took a report of a possible domestic disturbance that occurred in the 1700 block of Choteau Street. Officers met with all parties and no arrests were made in the matter.


As of Thursday morning, the county jail held 81 inmates (76 for felonies and five for misdemeanors). In total, the county has 100 inmates at various detention facilities. In addition, 36 are PBT (Personal Breath Test) and 29 are SCRAM (Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor bracelet). Eighty-seven clients are serviced by the 24/7 sobriety program. We also have six testing out of county, one is pre-trial, four are GPS (Global Positioning System bracelet) and 11 are on house arrest.



Reporter at the Helena Independent Record.

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