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A Helena man is accused of shooting a handgun inside a home while other people were in the house.

Jared Tyler Broman, 32, is being charged with criminal endangerment and is being held on a $10,000 bond.

Late on Jan. 30, officers responded to a report that a male had fired a gun and locked himself in a bathroom. Broman was identified as the man in the bathroom.

Officers discovered that Broman had fired a .9mm handgun through a door in the home three times. A woman and two children in the home at the time were not injured. 

Officers formed a perimeter. On the morning of Jan. 31, Broman left the residence and was arrested. Officers then searched the house, where they found a .9mm handgun and three discharged bullets.

The bullets had gone through a bathroom door. One ended up in a shoe rack, one in a toy bin and one in a neighbor’s yard, according to court documents.

Broman told police officers that he had fired the weapon because he was afraid of a person being in his house, according to documents.



Reporter at the Helena Independent Record.

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