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Jamie Ann Isbell and Bruce Lewis

Jamie Ann Isbell and Bruce Lewis

Two Helena-area teenagers are accused of knocking out two of a man's teeth in an attempted robbery Wednesday. 

Jamie Ann Isbell, 19, of East Helena is charged with accountability to robbery and Bruce Lewis, 19, of Helena, is charged with accountability to robbery and robbery.

In the early afternoon on Wednesday, officers were dispatched to East Helena for a report of a man who was bleeding. Officers noticed that the man was bleeding from his nose and mouth area and was very fearful, according to court documents.

The victim told officers he had been assaulted in an apartment building by two males, who knocked out two teeth and tore a half-inch gash in his upper lip, according to court documents.

The victim told officers he did not know who assaulted him, but was responding to an address to meet a friend (identified as Isbell) for a lunch date. The victim said he had entered the apartment because Isbell told him to and was attacked by two men wearing bandanas, and that one man was holding a knife. The man who was not holding a knife allegedly punched the victim in the face.

The victim then pleaded with the attackers not to hurt or kill him because he had a wife and children and did not want to die, but had money in his truck and would give them anything they wanted, according to court documents.

Officers knocked on the door of the apartment and entered when they found it unlocked, finding an intact tooth on the floor.

Isbell arrived at the apartment later in the afternoon and gave consent for officers to retrieve the teeth, which were returned to the victim.

Isbell admitted to being the "ringleader" of the plan, according to court documents.

Lewis and Isbell were interviewed by law enforcement. They said that they had intended to rob the defendant of $600.



Reporter at the Helena Independent Record.

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