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Prosecutors say a 40-year-old Clancy man nearly struck a police officer who was assisting with a hurt dog. 

The officer was attempting to block traffic Wednesday night at the Boulder Street overpass in order to help the dog, which had been run over, when a white pickup struck the vehicle next to him, police wrote in court documents. The pickup's front right tire exploded in the impact. 

The pickup truck continued driving without the tire, according to documents filed in Lewis and Clark County Justice Court on Thursday. The officer "followed the white pickup's distinctive scrape mark caused by the missing front tire" and found the truck in a hotel parking lot, the documents note. 

The driver, Eric Lee Stiles, appeared intoxicated but refused a breath sample, court documents say. Stiles told the officer he had driven to the hotel and gotten a drink. Witnesses told police Styles had not gone inside the building. 

Stiles faces a felony charge of criminal endangerment. Prosecutors allege he created a substantial risk of death or serious injury to the officer. 

Police also arrested Stiles on misdemeanor charges of driving under the influence and failure to give notice of an accident. 

Stiles was released on his own recognizance. 


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