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Retrospective: The Great Montana Centennial Cattle Drive of 1989

In September of 1989, a cattle drive was held to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Montana's statehood. The Great Montana Centennial Cattle Drive, which included more than 2,800 cattle, traveled 60 miles from Roundup to Billings through the course of six days.

Retrospective: Montana's small town bars

Montana's landscape is dotted with small towns, and in most of those towns, there's at least one bar or saloon serving up cold suds and liquor. Take a look at some vintage photographs of some of Montana's small town bars.

2 years clean with an eye toward medical school, Helena man hopes his story can help others

Joey Wohlers stands up behind the podium in Judge James Reynolds' court, dressed in a collared shirt, his hair slicked to the side. He’s been sober for nearly two years after a long battle with drinking, drugs and nightmares. It's a cold Monday in February, snow is falling outside the third-…

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