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Mountain goat

A mountain goat climbs on rocks along the Beartooth Pass.

In January, Fish, Wildlife & Parks will be holding a series of meetings across southwest Montana to receive comments on tentative hunting regulations. 

Proposed changes specific to the Livingston area are:

• Elk HD 314: Change antlerless B licenses to private land only, increase the B license quota to 500, and add antlerless opportunity for holders of PTHFV (permit to hunt from vehicle) south of Big Creek;

• Elk HD 317: Add antlerless opportunity to the general license (Previously only youth and PTHFV holders could harvest antlerless elk on the general license).

• Elk HD 393: Change antlerless B license 397-00 to be valid on all lands outside of national forest during the general and late shoulder season. This license will continue to be valid only on private lands during the early shoulder season. This license is valid in hunting districts 393, 312 and 390

• Mule Deer B licenses: HD 313: Increase B license quota from 50 to 100; HD 314: Establish B licenses with a quota of 100, and quota range of 25-300; HD 315: Establish B licenses with a quota of 70, and a quota range of 25-200; HD 317: Establish B licenses with a quota of 85, and a quota range of 25-150; HD 393: Increase B license quota from 50 to 100.

• Antelope HD 313: This hunting district is proposed to be expanded to Interstate 90 with a quota increase from 10 to 20 licenses.

• Bighorn Sheep HD 304 (Hyalite area): Re-open district with a quota of one either-sex license offered (proposed quota range 1-3)

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• Mountain Goat Quota Adjustments: HD 313 (Crazy Mtns): Reduce license quotas in response to lower goat numbers and low kid recruitment to 15 either-sex and 5 nanny-only licenses; HD 314 (Gallatins): Increase license quota in response to increased goat numbers from 20 to 30 either-sex licenses; HD 330 (north Absaroka): Reduce license quotas in response to low goat numbers and poor harvest success from 3 to 1 either-sex license

Meeting times are 6 p.m. at: Jan. 3, Whitehall High School; Jan. 4: Bozeman Holiday Inn; Jan. 9: Butte United Congregational Church; Jan. 10: Livingston, Yellowstone Pioneer Lodge; Jan. 11: Dillon Search & Rescue Building; Jan. 16: Lima School; Jan. 18: Gardiner High School.

And Jan. 11 in Helena at Montana Wild from 5:30 p.m.–7:30 p.m.

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