Yellowstone wolves

Yellowstone's wolves will be featured in a segment of 60 MINUTES on Sunday night.

The popular news magazine 60 MINUTES visits Yellowstone National Park's wolves during a segment on Dec. 23 at 6 p.m.

In a little over 20 years the population of wolves in the park has grown to roughly 100 animals in 10 packs, enough to attract wolf tourists whose visits to the park pump an estimated $35 million into the local economy.

Winter is peak viewing time as Bill Whitaker and 60 MINUTES cameras captured the wild animals as they moved through Yellowstone in February. Also featured is the park's helicopter wolf-darting operation, interviews with Bozeman hunter and television personality Randy Newberg, longtime wolf watcher Rick McIntyre and Glen-area rancher Erik Kalsta.

The growing number of wolves in the states surrounding Yellowstone Park has some ranchers and hunters worried, as Whitaker reports. The recent killing of a favored park wolf by a hunter near the small community of Silver Gate has also elevated the issue of wolf hunting around the park.

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To watch a brief clip of the television show, log on to https://www.cbsnews.com/news/tracking-the-wolves-of-yellowstone-60-minutes/

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