Yellowstone Park tourists

Wildlife watchers hoping to catch a glimpse of a grizzly sow and her cub line the roadside Friday between Sedge Bay and Lake Butte Overlook in Yellowstone National Park.

Yellowstone National Park rangers are seeking information after a Saturday report that a man had fired a shotgun at wolves that were chasing his dog east of Sedge Bay, along the East Entrance road.

Rangers who responded to the scene found no evidence of injured wolves but they did find shotgun shells, according to a park press release.

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to contact the Yellowstone Tip Line at 307-344-2132.

Park Service officials took the opportunity to remind the public that although possession of a firearm in a national park is legal, firing a gun or hunting in Yellowstone National Park is not allowed. 

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Also, tourists with pets must keep their animals leashed or restrained in their vehicle. Pets are not allowed on boardwalks, hiking trails, in the backcountry, or in thermal areas.

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