For many years, Lewis and Clark Public Health has had the privilege of sharing important information with you through this monthly column. We write these articles in support of our mission to improve and protect health in our county. Our goal is to open your eyes to public health concerns and empower you to make good decisions about your personal health.

This month, we thought it might be fun to take a different tack. We thought we’d offer a little quiz to test your knowledge of public health.

Don’t worry, we won’t collect your paper or hand out any grades. We just hope you’ll enjoy a little challenge (and maybe even learn something new along the way). Answers are at the end of this article (as is a little hint about where you can find all the answers if you prefer an open-book test!).

Let’s get started.

1. The difference between public health and health care is:

a. Public health is practiced only by governmental agencies, while health care is practiced by for-profit and nonprofit medical institutions.

b. Public health refers to contagious diseases that can be spread through publicly maintained infrastructure, like schools, water fountains, and swimming pools. Health care covers all types of injury and disease.

c. Public health focuses on the health of a whole population. Health-care providers help individuals with personal health-care issues.

d. Public health care is offered in public places, while health care is offered by practitioners in their private offices.

2. The leading cause of death in Montana is:

a. Cancer

b. Heart disease

c. Unintentional injuries

d. Suicide

3. The two substances most commonly abused by Lewis and Clark County high school students are:

a. Alcohol and marijuana

b. Alcohol and meth

c. Opioids and alcohol

d. Heroin and cocaine

4. The percentage of county residents who have visited the dentist in the past year is:

a. 10 percent

b. 25 percent

c. 50 percent

d. 75 percent

5. Lewis and Clark County has a pollution problem caused by this:

a. Noise pollution in the Helena Valley

b. Carbon dioxide in public schools

c. Particulate pollution in the air

d. Dihydrogen monoxide in public water supplies

6. The percentage of county residents who have been diagnosed with depression is:

a. 10 percent

b. 25 percent

c. 50 percent

d. 75 percent

7. This robs county residents of more potential years of life overall than any other cause:

a. Cancer

b. Heart disease

c. Unintentional injuries

d. Suicide

8. Social determinants of health are:

a. Sexually transmitted diseases

b. Social and economic factors, like income and education, that impact health

c. The likelihood of becoming ill based on time spent in public situations

d. Activities like coughing and sneezing that transmit disease in public places

9. The biggest factor affecting how healthy people are is:

a. Where they live

b. Who their parents were

c. What their personal behaviors are

d. How often they seek medical care

10. The percentage of county residents aged 45 or older who fell at least once in the past year is:

a. 15 percent

b. 30 percent

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c. 45 percent

d. 60 percent

11. The most common method of suicide in Lewis and Clark County is:

a. Drug overdose

b. Hanging

c. Jumping from heights

d. Firearms

12. The percentage of county high school students who use e-cigarettes or other vaping products is closest to:

a. 5 percent

b. 20 percent

c. 35 percent

d. 50 percent

13. The most common adverse childhood experience (ACE) reported in Montana is:

a. Domestic violence

b. Economic hardship

c. Substance abuse in a family member

d. Mental illness in a family member

14. The World Health Organization recommends that new mothers feed their infants only with breast milk:

a. For the first 6 months

b. For the first 3 months

c. Until the infant doesn’t want it any more

d. Until the mother goes back to work

If this quiz has piqued your interest in these health topics or others, check out the 2018 Community Report. It was released last month by Healthy Together, a community partnership to improve health. It showcases data and information on a wide variety of subjects, from access to health care to water quality.

You can find the report online at www.lccountymt.gov/health/healthy-together.

Answers: 1C, 2B, 3A, 4D, 5C, 6B, 7C, 8B, 9A, 10C, 11D, 12B, 13B, 14A

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Gayle Shirley is communications and systems improvement manager for Lewis and Clark Public Health.


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