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    According to Hey Jane, an organization that provides medication abortion, demand has more than doubled since the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. CNN's chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta explains how these pills work as well as their safety and efficacy records.

    There are several things that can prevent you from getting therapy or other mental health treatment. A social stigma against needing that kind of help is a big one, as is the inability to take time out of the workday for appointments. But for many, the biggest blocker of all is the cost. You might not find a lot of therapists in your area that take your insurance, and even if you do, they may not be accepting new patients. Thankfully, you can access affordable mental health care through work or school, at teaching hospitals or through a therapist offering reduced pricing.

    Abortion bans are temporarily blocked in Louisiana and Utah, while a federal court in South Carolina says a law sharply restricting the procedure can take effect there immediately. The decisions emerged as the battle over whether women may end pregnancies shifted from the nation’s highest court to courthouses around the country. The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision Friday to end constitutional protection for abortion opened the gates for a wave of litigation. One side sought quickly to put statewide bans into effect, and the other tried to stop or at least delay such measures. Much of Monday’s court activity focused on “trigger laws,” adopted in 13 states that were designed to take effect swiftly after the ruling.

    China has announced an easing of its quarantine requirement for people arriving from abroad, but stopped short of lifting what remains a stringent policy compared to most other countries. Anyone coming from outside the country will be required to stay in a quarantine hotel for seven days, followed by three days of home quarantine under an updated pandemic response plan released Tuesday. The previous plan called for 14 days in a hotel plus seven days of home quarantine. A spokesperson for the National Health Commission described the new plan as not a relaxation of the country’s “zero-COVID” policy but an optimization to make it more scientific and precise.

    The Supreme Court’s decision to overturn national protections for abortion has set off a contest between Democratic and Republican lawmakers over whose policies would do more to help vulnerable mothers and children. It's a key issue going into the midterm elections. Republicans such as Florida Sen. Rick Scott say that GOP lawmakers have the responsibility to “do everything in our power to meet the needs of struggling women and their families so they can choose life.” Democrats suggest their rivals are hypocrites who would offer half-measures at best and that voters should judge them accordingly.

    Japan is bracing for a return of tourists from abroad, as border controls to curb the spread of coronavirus infections are gradually loosened. After two long years, Yusuke Otomo, who owns a kimono rental shop, can barely contain his excitement. Hopes are running high at such businesses catering to foreign tourists, who numbered more than 30 million people a year before the pandemic. For now, foreign tourists are allowed in limited numbers and only on group tours. Visas are being given only to certain countries, including Thailand and the U.S., that are deemed to pose a minimal health risk, so people can enter without a quarantine.

    Hong Kong police have confirmed that Chinese president Xi Jinping will visit the city this week for the 25th anniversary of the former British colony’s return to Chinese rule. A police official says Xi will attend a number of official events, including the inaugural ceremony for Hong Kong's next government. Xi's visit to Hong Kong will be his first trip outside of mainland China since the coronavirus pandemic took hold about 2 1/2 years ago. It comes as Hong Kong is facing a new spike in infections following what was its worst outbreak earlier this year.

    The village of Gazi Bay on Kenya's coast, just 55 kilometers (34 miles) south of bustling Mombasa and tucked away from the country's well-trodden tourism circuit, has gained traction in recent years as a model for restoring and tending carbon-sucking mangrove trees that now crowd its bright green shoreline.


    The Buffalo News has been part of the Buffalo community since XXXX. Our reporters are fellow Buffalonians who live and breathe this city. From tailgating at a Bills game to … (text to be provided by Meredith) Check out these stories that we’ve highlighted below.

    Facebook and Instagram have begun promptly removing posts that offer abortion pills to women who may not be able to access them following a Supreme Court decision that stripped away constitutional protections for the procedure. Memes and status updates explained how women could legally get abortion pills in the mail. Some even offered to mail the prescriptions to women living in a state that has banned the procedure.  Facebook and Instagram responded by removing some of the posts. The platforms' parent company, Meta, said it has a policy against gifting or selling pharmaceutical drugs.

    Vice President Kamala Harris has spent weeks warning that the Supreme Court decision undermining the landmark Roe v. Wade ruling could open the door for sweeping new restrictions on privacy. She argues the fallout could affect birth control, in vitro fertilization, gay marriage and that other new restrictions could affect the right to vote. The nation's first female vice president has emerged as a leading White House voice on abortion rights along with President Joe Biden. Harris' efforts on abortion rights come after she has struggled with other thorny policy problems that Biden assigned to the vice president, including immigration policy and expanding voting rights. Both issues have stalled in Congress.

    New Mexico’s Democratic governor is taking steps to ensure safe harbor to people seeking abortions or providing abortions at health care facilities within the state. Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham signed an executive order Monday that rejects cooperation with other states that might interfere with abortion access in New Mexico. The order also prohibits most New Mexico state employees from assisting other states in investigating or seeking sanctions against local abortion providers. Lujan Grisham has vowed to continue legal access to abortion in New Mexico after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the Roe v. Wade decision to end constitutional protection for abortion.

    The chief investigator in the corruption case against Delaware State Auditor Kathy McGuiness tried under cross-examination to deflect responsibility for false statements made in a search warrant affidavit and reiterated in an indictment. Franklin Robinson told a judge in a search warrant affidavit last year that payments to a consultant hired by McGuiness were split in August 2020, and again in September 2020, to keep them under $5,000. That's the threshold at which payments by state agencies require approval from the Division of Accounting.  The affidavit contained those statements even though Robinson and prosecutors had seen a Division of Accounting spreadsheet months earlier indicating that the contractor received only one payment each month, both above $5,000.

    California voters will decide in November whether to guarantee the right to an abortion in their state constitution. State lawmakers on Monday voted to put a constitutional amendment on the ballot this year. The U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade on Friday, which let states decide whether to allow abortion. California is run by Democrats who support abortion rights, but the legal right to an abortion in California is based on a right to privacy in the state constitution. The amendment would prevent the government from interfering with a person's right to an abortion or contraceptives.

    The fall of Roe v. Wade shifted the battleground over abortion to courthouses around the country, as abortion foes looked to quickly enact statewide bans and the other side sought to buy more time. The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision Friday to end constitutional protections for abortion opened the gates for litigation from all sides. Much of Monday's court activity focused on “trigger laws” that were designed to go into effect when Roe v. Wade was overturned. On Monday, judges in Louisiana and Utah issued orders blocking trigger laws from going into effect. In South Carolina, a federal court ruled that a ban on abortions after six weeks of pregnancy can take effect immediately.

    The Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade on June 24. Here are some celebrity reactions shared on social media:. "I am heartbroken for people around this country who just lost the fundamental right to make informed decisions about their own bodies." Michelle Obama, via Twitter. "This is what …

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