Author and motivational speaker Zig Ziglar once said “You don’t build a business — you build people — and then people build the business.” Jill-Marie Steeley, executive director of PureView Health Center, knows that the key to any successful business is building relationships — with customers and within the community.

Originally from Salt Lake City, Steeley has been enjoying life in the Big Sky State for the past 12 years. Prior to joining PureView, she spent nearly four years as the director of the Health and Human Services Division of the Gallatin City-County Health Department, seven years as the Director of the Madison County Health Department, and was a senior analyst for Goldman Sachs in Salt Lake City for four years.

Steeley assumed the role of executive director at PureView in May of 2015. At the time, PureView was in the middle of rebranding from its former identity as the Cooperative Health Center. That process included the construction of a brand new clinic. Steeley quickly got behind the new brand as she viewed it as a fresh and promising new start for the organization.

“I wanted to see the clinic rebuild its relationships in the community and make sure the needs of the patients were being met and that there was no wrong door for them,” said Steeley.

PureView is a qualified health care center that operates under the mission of “providing quality comprehensive healthcare with comfort,” particularly to those underserved in the community. With roughly 7,000 patients served annually though the new clinic, one at God’s Love and the Parker Medical Center in Lincoln, PureView’s embrace is widespread.

With only a little over a year under her belt with PureView, Steeley has accomplished a great deal. She improved the service delivery in Lincoln, expanded the Helena clinic to serve as the preferred provider for county employees, reinstated Helena’s behavioral health component and expanded their dental offerings.

“She (Steeley) has been a breath of fresh air and leads the organization with the experience of someone twice her age,” said county commissioner Mike Murray.

Still on Steeley’s to-do list is to renew the offering of dental services in Lincoln, expand the mental health services offered at the Helena clinic and contract with a pharmacist in the main clinic.

But at the end of the day, Steeley’s most deep-rooted goal is to continue building relationships with patients and other medical providers and organizations in town. And of course, offering quality care to any and all.

“Everyone deserves good health care and the access to it,” said Steeley.

For her, the best part of what she does is getting to see patients get great health care when they may not have been able to otherwise.

“I’ve always believed in community service and wanted to work with people whose lives aren’t as fortunate as mine,” said Steeley.

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