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With eight dedicated reporters, we hit the streets each day to bring you the most up to date news and information in our community. We dig to get the truth behind every story and have been doing so for 149 years.

We care about Helena’s success, and we strive for accountability – in ourselves and our city.

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We’ve been partnering with local businesses to help them grow and succeed for the last 149 years. Our team of twelve professionals can help you navigate the changing marketing world.

We’re helping build the economic foundation of Helena when your business thrives. And we love what we do.

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Bringing you the latest news and information from our press to your doorstep, desktop or mobile device daily. Because the news never sleeps, neither do we. We create a brand new product each day, every 24 hours. 365 days a year. For the past 149 years. We’re proud to serve you.

We're committed

Partnering with local non-profits, foundations, schools and groups for 149 years and counting. We understand that our business moves forward when we can give back.