Drax Project's new album 'definitely' out this year
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Drax Project's new album is "definitely" coming out this year.

The guitarist of the popular four-piece, Ben O'Leary, revealed that the group's upcoming LP is sure to come out in 2019 and is "so excited" to "finally hear" the record, which features some of the "oldest songs" the band have.

In an exclusive interview with BANG Showbiz, Ben said: "It's definitely coming out this year, we're so excited to finally release it."

Singer Shaan Singh, 25, interjected: "We've never released a body of music with more than five songs, and we're gonna have more than five songs."

Ben continued: "It's very exciting. One of the songs is one of the oldest songs we have. We wrote it two years ago way before Woke Up Late'.

"It's really exciting to finally hear it, it's gone through so many forms of trying new things some of the songs we've been playing live for just as long so to have it all in one spot is very exciting for us we can't wait."

The 'Woke Up Late' hitmakers added that the album is a "great representation" of their current musical style, and feel the "eclectic" record will be full of surprises.

Drummer Matt Beachen said: "I feel like it's a great representation of us right now...it's eclectic."

Ben expanded: "'Woke Up Late' will be on there obviously and songs similar to 'Woke Up Late' will be on there and songs totally opposite to 'Woke Up Late'."

Singer and bassist Sam Thomson, 25, jokingly added: "Like heavy metal saxophone".

Shaan added there isn't a weak song on the record even with its diversity.

He said: "There's no song in my head [I don't like], every song is like 'I love this song'".

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