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Bill would give county governments final say on Montana bison transfers

Montana county commissioners would have final say on relocating wild bison in their counties under a bill brought in the Montana House of Representatives. Read more

Montana lawmakers hear juvenile sentencing, parole bill

Montana lawmakers heard testimony Friday on a bill to incorporate into state law a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that found it unconstitutional to sentence most criminals under the age of 18 to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Read more

Lawmaker apologizes over 'genocide' comments targeted at American Indian lawmakers

A Republican lawmaker has apologized after comments he made about Native Americans drew a strong rebuke on the House floor. Read more

Some Yellowstone wolves would be protected under Montana bill

Some wildlife have an “outsized value,” such as wolves that wander from Yellowstone National Park into Montana, argued Sen. Mike Phillips, D-Bozeman, on Thursday. Read more

Legislative roundup: Abortion ban, Indigenous Peoples Day, and work requirements for Medicaid expansion

The state House saw a week of intense debate as lawmakers heard bills related to abortion and establishing an Indigenous Peoples Day as a replacement for Columbus Day. Read more

Rolling the dice: Lawmaker cites Butte Country Club bust as reason to legalize dice game

A bust at the Butte Country Club in November has prompted a Butte lawmaker to push legislation that would allow people to play the dice game cee-lo at bars and other establishments licensed to sell alcohol. Read more

Montana's delegation votes to avoid shutdown

Montana’s congressional delegation voted to avert a second government shutdown Thursday, but were split on President Donald Trump’s call for a national emergency declaration on the U.S.-Mexican border. Read more

Bill banning abortion in Montana likely stalled in Legislature

A bill that would have asked voters to decide on a state constitutional amendment saying life begins at conception and outlawing all abortion appears to be defeated after an initial vote in the state House. Read more

Montana needs suicide prevention funding to continue, panelists say

A panel of Montana experts at the Capitol on Thursday explored how $1 million in funds appropriated in 2017 through House Bill 118 has been used in the past two years to combat the causes and effects of suicide.  Read more

Montana lawmakers hear bills to change child protection system

Montana lawmakers heard several bills seeking to make changes to the state's child protection system, including reducing turnover of caseworkers, setting higher standards for removing children from their homes and increasing accountability. Read more

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