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Ariana Grande And James Corden Turned ‘Titanic’ Into A 5-Minute Musical

In a segment for “The Late Late Show with James Corden,” the lovable late night host and pop star Ariana Grande recreated the plot of “Titanic” using modern music. The epic performance was shot live and involved 13 songs and nine sets. Not surprisingly, it was completely amazing. Corden has a Read more

FDA Announces Recall Of 2 Thyroid Medications

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has announced that two thyroid medications are being voluntarily recalled because of a possible problem with an ingredient. The medications are Levothyroxine and Liothyronine (Thyroid Tablets, USP) in 15-, 30-, 60-, 90- and 120-milligram tablets. Both medications are manufactured by Westminster Pharmaceuticals, LLC. “These Read more

Parrot Stuck On Roof For Three Days Greets Rescuer By Swearing

Let’s head across the pond to where a particularly grumpy macaw named Jessie was having an extraordinary case of the Mondays this week. Jessie had been on the roof of her owner’s house on — you can’t make this stuff up, Cuckoo Hall Lane — in London for three days, Read more

This Adaptable Bra Changes Sizes To Suit Your Chest Best

If you’ve got various bras in various sizes scattered in a drawer somewhere, you’re not alone. It can be tricky to always fit into just one cup or band size. Your size can change depending on whether you’re wearing a strapless bra, whether it’s that time of the month, your Read more


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This Library Is Loaning Out Ties And Other Accessories For Job Interviews

Dressing for a job interview is not easy for everyone. But if you find yourself without appropriate duds after landing that interview, the New York Public Library is here to help. Their Grow Up Work Fashion Library program makes available ties, bow ties, briefcases and purses for those in need. If Read more

New Study: If Your Boss Expects You To Check Email After Work, It Could Hurt Your Health And Your Family

Technology makes it increasingly hard to tune out from work. But when we always have our work at our fingertips, we can be susceptible to some serious consequences. We’re slowly learning more about the real costs of working overtime, for both employees and their families. The scary reality is that all Read more

Princess Diana: Fascinating Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Her Life

It’s hard to believe that Princess Diana died nearly 21 years ago. The world was stunned to learn of her passing on Aug. 27, 1997, following a terrible car crash in Paris after an evening out with her then-boyfriend, Dodi Al Fayed. Although more than two decades have passed since Princess Diana’s Read more