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The layman's guide to eating thistles: Artichoke season has arrived

This is the time of year when artichoke fans have two reasons to cheer. The harvest has already begun in Mexico and the southern U.S., which means the large flower buds can already be found in stores. Meanwhile, at farmers markets of all latitudes, purveyors of bedding plants are selling potted artichokes for the garden. Read more

Cooking for two doesn't have to be a chore — or leave you with a freezer full of leftovers

Cooking for one or two people may feel like you're putting in a lot of effort for not much of a reward. However, having home prepared meals can give you a sense of accomplishment as well as the comfort of knowing where your food comes from. Read more

An Amtrak adventure provides a fun, flavorful travel alternative to flights and road trips

One of the perks of living in Montana is not having to depend on public transportation — that is, until you want an adventure that can only come from public transportation. Read more

This Montana diner is '20 miles from anything' and still draws a crowd

Flipping through a recent issue of the Big Timber Pioneer, I noticed an ad for BBQ Night at Bill’s Place — a remote diner and catering business near Melville that occupies the former Big Sky Corner lunch counter and grocery store between Big Timber and Harlowton. Read more


Beer may lack fizz in Europe amid carbon dioxide shortage

LONDON (AP) — No beer at this time of year? Read more

FDA reconsiders added sugar label for maple syrup, honey

MONTPELIER, Vt. (AP) — The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is reconsidering its plan to require that pure maple syrup and honey be labeled as containing added sugars. Read more

Are sugar worries weighing on Frappuccino sales?

NEW YORK (AP) — Frappuccino sales are struggling, and concerns about how much sugar the slushy drinks contain may be among the reasons. Read more


Elevate mushroom caps from appetizer to main course with this classic combo

Standard-size stuffed mushrooms make great party appetizers. Giant Portobello mushroom caps take stuffing to new heights. By that I mean these delicious giants make great main courses. Just their jaw-dropping size got me drooling over the possibilities. Read more

Tired of macaroni salad? Four options to switch it up

Pasta salads are a staple of summer eating and entertaining. They are included in most barbecues and picnics, are easy to put together and offer the opportunity for many flavor variations and ingredients. While pasta salads may be crowd-pleasers, they are often loaded with calories. Read more

Utopia discovered in the middle of nowhere

My husband took me to Montana’s rustic utopia this weekend. Our motor carriage transported us from Billings over rivers, through pine forests and alongside mountains. In five hours we arrived at The Ranch at Rock Creek, an all-inclusive guest ranch outside of Philipsburg. Written directions were provided after we secured our reservations, but for my own assurance, I activated my phone’s GPS. Read more

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'Big Mac index': How many Big Macs will $50 get you around the world?

Ever wonder how many Big Macs $50 could get you in China? What about Brazil? Wonder no more. Here's a look at the "Big Mac index" for more … Read more

These are the best cities in the US to take a 'beercation'

Are you planning a vacation? Do you like beer? If you answered yes to both, a "beercation" might be exactly what you need. Read more

13 interesting food offerings at baseball stadiums

Baseball stadiums are offering more than just hot dogs and peanuts. Read more