We continue to receive calls about what is going to be built at the Capital Hill Mall site. The developers and owners are working to finalize plans for this prime location. At this time, they plan to put a new hotel and also a large office building that could have a combination of offices, retail and even apartments. They will finalize plans in the coming months while demolition continues to remove the old mall building.

Capital Rx, a pharmacy and drug store, will be opening in the former Bergum Drug location at 2600 Winnie Ave. They are set to open on May 6. Shelbi Frieling is the manager and can be reached at 406-422-1100

Kyle Brown State Farm is new to Helena and is located at 1225 Birch Street Ste. A. Give Kyle a call for all your insurance needs. You can also visit their website at www.mybigskyagent.com. Call their office at 406-442-4788.

Big Sky Public Relations based at 213 S Main St., in Kalispell. They use efficient, effective, and empathetic communication methods to support endeavors that drive positive community change including infrastructure improvements, economic development, education, cultural enrichment, and service to those in need. They are working on several projects in the Helena area and can be reached at 406-261-7665.

I see that dirt has been moved on the new Heidi’s Casino location which is just north of the Comfort Inn and Suites on Washington Street.

Athlete Sponsor Corp. is now doing business in Helena. It is owned by Demetri Joslin. This company is based out of Spokane, Washington, but is going to be raising money and sponsoring organized sports in Montana. Demetri was raised in Montana and will be sponsoring the Fight Force MMA event at the Lewis and Clark Fairgrounds on May 18 featuring Dylin "Dragon" Drivdahl. Athlete Sponsor Corp. is looking at sponsoring both MMA fighters as well as events three to four times a year in the Helena area.

The heavy snow has caused many problems for businesses and residents of the Helena area. We were sorry to hear that Chemical Montana had some issues with a roof collapsing. Kudos to the city of Helena for their diligent work to keep the main roads cleared this snow season. A great deal of snow removal happened on the downtown streets which will make parking easier and keep a lot of snow from melting and filling up the sewer drains in the area.

You probably know that the Helena Chamber receives the bulk of calls to Helena requesting information. What you might not know, is some of the “wild” calls we’ve received. Here are a few examples of those calls – some are funny, some are weird, and some are just a little crazy. These are actual questions we have received from callers asking us for the answers.

1. We’re coming to Montana on June 10 – what will the weather be like?

2. Could you go cut some Montana sagebrush and send to me for my closets – it is more fragrant than Oregon sagebrush.

3. What season should we come to see the deer turn into elk?

4. Why wasn’t my paper delivered this morning?

5. What time do the Northern Lights come on?

6. When are you people going to put a traffic light on my daughter’s road – her cat just got run over.

7. Do you have the contact information for relatives of all the dead people in the cemetery?

8. Is today Tuesday?

9. Do you know why the police have that guy pulled over on North Montana Ave.?

10. Will you call Senator ______ and tell him to get his sign off my yard?

Hope you found some humor in these – we try to answer all calls and do our best to give them answers to their questions. Sometimes we just shake our heads and giggle after the call. Fun times.

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