Details for Ron Iverson - Ad from 2021-02-22

MEDICARE MATTERS Ron Iverson, serving Helena and Montana insurance needs for over 50 years. The FBI, Social Security and Medicare are all warning about Medicare scams, particularly the internet ones that advertise free COVID-9 shots and supplies. Those ads are bogus. Also, the Better Business Bureau is warning people not to post their vaccination cards on line. Several reasons. My latest book on Medicare, “Medicare’s Mysteries—A Consumer’s Guide” is available on Amazon by typing in “Medicare’s Mysteries by Ron Iverson.” Amazon is running a special at the price of $13.32, and the book is now available on Kindle at a price of $7.99. The book is updated with 2021 numbers and information. If you are interested in a sitdown talk to discuss Medicare Supplements or Medicare Advantage plans, let’s do it. If you are retiring, already retired, going onto Medicare, or already on it, I can answer your questions. Just give me a call. Call me for a personal appointment to explore your options. If you wish, I will wear a mask. (406) 442-4016 RonIverson@