Details for Ron Iverson - Ad from 2021-01-11

MEDICARE MATTERS Ron Iverson, serving Helena and Montana insurance needs for over 50 years. “My latest book on Medicare (the fourth one I’ve written) is now available on Amazon. The title is “Medicare’s Mysteries—A Consumer’s Guide.” I have had dozens of favorable replies from readers and authorities. The price for the book is $14.95, and you can order by going to Amazon and typing in the words “Medicare’s Mysteries by Ron Iverson.” Okay, the next action period (for Medicare Advantage members) begins January 1, 2021 and runs until March 31. This period is what Medicare calls the “Open Enrollment Period” and is a time when MA members can switch their MA plans, or go back to original Medicare. If you have any questions about this period, or Medicare in general, please give me a call and we will discuss.” Call me for a personal appointment to explore your options. If you wish, I will wear a mask. (406) 442-4016 RonIverson@