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ADVERTISEMENT New Men’s Pill Soars On Impressive Clinical Results Main ingredient Clinically shown to help struggling men activate stronger erections… plus greater climaxes in just 10 days! Drug companies must be reeling today. That’s because a powerful natural extract has just been clinically shown to boost sexual desire and trigger stronger, longer lasting erections. It can also harden and cause the erection “tip” to become more sensitive. So performance becomes more pleasurable. All without side effects. This amazing discovery is the main ingredient in a new drug free, men’s pill called Bio-Saf. And early users are raving about results. Firmer and more frequent occurring erections have been reported. And dramatically more enjoyment in the bedroom too. Experts say that Bio-Saf could be the biggest male breakthrough ever! Plus, at a price that’s a fraction of what prescriptions cost, this new sex pill is poised to make a major splash in the male performance industry. And that’s why Big Pharma execs are worried. Peak Pleasure In The Bedroom For pleasurable sexual intercourse, a firm and enduring erection may not be enough. According to experts, the “glans” or the tip of an erection could be the prime trigger for peak male arousal. Highly concentrated with a network of sensitive nerve endings, the erection tip is believed to act like a spark plug that triggers waves of pleasure signals throughout the body. “Penile sensitivity is all about the nerves. And the erection tip is command central for sexual pleasure in a man”, says John Wall, one of the formulators for Bio-Saf. “Not only that, the glans is in direct contact with the most erogenous zone of the female sex organ during intercourse, so your partner will be at full arousal too,” Wall adds. Doctors are astounded by Bio-Saf. It ignites greater drive, strengthens erections, And promotes a stronger and fuller erection tip for increased sensitivity and stronger activity. Impressive Clinical Results The main ingredient in Bio-Saf is a remarkable spice derived from a rare purple flower. Harvested and used in certain regions of Asia as a all purpose remedy, researchers recently tested its effect on sexually dysfunctional men. And the findings were nothing short of extraordinary! In one study published in the prestigious medical journal, Phytomedicine, the active ingredient in Bio-Saf was given in tablet form to 20 male patients with problems getting an erection. In just 10 days, these same subjects reported a “significant” boost in sexual activity. Erections were firmer and fuller. And occurred more frequently. They were aroused faster too and more responsive to stimuli. Not only that, their erection tip appear to be harder and fuller too. In another randomized double-blind, placebo-controlled study, researchers recruited another 30 sexually struggling men. And separated these men into two groups. One group of men used the active ingredient in BioSaf daily. The second group took a placebo. This study lasted for 4 weeks. Men who took the main ingredient in Bio-Saf reported far better scores in overall sexual function and satisfaction during sexual intercourse than the second group that took the placebo. With multiple studies confirming positive results for men suffering erectile problems… it is easy to see why callers are crowding the phone lines to place their orders for Bio-Saf. How it works The active ingredient in Bio-Saf is a natural, healthful spice. Scientists believe it contains a potent anti-oxidant that can dramatically enhance blood flow through the arteries and blood vessels for healthy erectile function. And has been shown to be effective for men who struggle to get and keep an erection. Improvements can be seen rapidly. In as fast as 10 days. All without side effects. Users taking the active ingredient in BioSaf experience stronger erections. And more often too. Duration of performance is prolonged. Sexual Desire intensified. The erection tip is hardened. And overall satisfaction and pleasure skyrockets. Initial Users Blown away “My erections are better than its ever been! I feel amazing in the bedroom! – Thomas S. of New York, NY “I’m enjoying great sex again. When I’m at it with my wife, it’s like when we were first married in our 20s.” - Jarett W. of Rego Park, NY “This stuff works so well on me. Even if I wanted to stop taking it, my girlfriend wouldn’t let me!” – Frank C. of Central NJ Big Pharma Sex Pills Could Soon Become Obsolete Medical experts say that a new and improved version of a drug becomes available every 20 years. Except in this case, the replacement may be a natural product. That’s because Bio-Saf does more than just trigger a stronger erection. It improves your sex drive. It helps you last longer. It enhances penile sensitivity. And has a unique ability to harden the tip of an erection for more intense and pleasurable bedroom performances. Bio-Saf is the most complete sex pill ever brought to market. And even shown to boost activity in men struggling sexually. Plus, Bio-Saf is all natural. No side effects have been reported. And at a fraction of the cost of the blue pill, the pharmaceutical industry is fearful Bio-Saf will soon overrun the sex pill business. This is your opportunity to recharge your sexual energy and experience performance like never before. Exclusive Opportunity for Today’s Readers This is the official release of Bio-Saf in the United States. The company has decided that it will not distribute their product to stores due to limited supply. It may only be purchased directly. The manufacturer of this product is so sure you will achieve stronger, longer lasting erections. Plus more intense orgasms, they are offering today’s readers an exclusive opportunity to try BioSaf for full 60 days… 100% risk free. If you don’t notice remarkable changes in your sex life, you can return the bottles back (even if empty) for a prompt refund, no questions asked! If you want to try Bio-Saf for yourself; Just call 1-800-821-1137 and the distributor will send you a limited supply, plus extra FREE BOTTLES (Just ask!) THESE STATEMENTS HAVE NOT BEEN EVALUATED BY THE FDA. THIS PRODUCT IS NOT A DRUG AND IS NOT INTENDED TO DIAGNOSE, TREAT, CURE, OR PREVENT ANY DISEASE. RESULTS MAY VARY.

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