Details for Endowment Development Seminar Series Promo

Struggling to decide whether to start an endowment?
Get the knowledge your nonprofit needs to make a well-informed
decision by attending To Endow or noT To Endow
This three part seminar series will walk you through the fundamentals and provide
take home assignments for engaging your nonprofit’s decision-makers.

Seminar Presenters


Speyer Family

• Heidi Goettel, Partner
Crowley Fleck PLLP, Attorneys
• Mike Schechtman, Executive Director
Big Sky Institute for the Advancement of Nonprofits

Dates and Times
April 18
May 23
June 18
All sessions will start at 8:30 am and conclude by noon.

The Neighborhood Center, 200 South Cruse

Registration Costs
$90 for the organization’s first attendee
($30 per seminar for 3 seminars)
$60 each for additional attendees from the same nonprofit
($20 per seminar for 3 seminars)

Heidi Goettel, Partner

Previews of Coming Attractions
• Establishing Your Nonprofit’s
Endowment Fall 2019
• Easy Ways to Build Your Endowment’s
Assets Winter 2020
• Using Milestone Events to Build Assets
Spring 2020
• Integrating Endowment Development
with Capital Campaigns Spring 2020

To register or ask questions
contact Mike Schechtman at 443-5860


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