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Botanical Stem Cell Extract
Reduces the Visibility
of Blotchy, Uneven Skin
Tone in Women
European researchers reveal: Ingredient takes
20 years off a woman’s appearance


study found that an
uneven skin tone – those
brown, dark patches
that form on a person’s
face, chest, and hands –
makes a woman appear
20 years older than her
actual age.
But a breakthrough
advancement in skincare rejuvenation means
you can have a smoother
appearance with even,
beautiful skin.
In a clinical trial reported in the Journal of
Cosmetic Dermatology,
researchers in France
tested a newly discovered botanical stem cell
extract on the skin of 30
In less than two
months, nearly every
single woman reported the appearance of
dramatically fewer and
lighter age spots.
The women also reported that their skin appeared more radiant, as
well as smoother, firmer,
and more hydrated.
Now, after multiple
trials have confirmed its
effectiveness overseas,
America’s top anti-aging
doctor has developed a
skin-brightening product based on this breakthrough discovery.
“Plant stem cells are
the future of skincare,”
says Dr. Sears, founder and director of the
world-renowned Sears
Institute for Anti-Aging
in Palm Beach, Florida.
“Your skin is under
constant attack from
free radicals and environmental toxins. But
I’ve discovered a botanical stem cell extract that
reawakens the skin to
rejuvenate and revitalize.”

Patients Reveal: My
Skin Is Smoother,
More Even-Toned,
And Younger Looking
For almost 30 years,
Dr. Al Sears, M.D., has
been known as America’s top age-reversing
pioneer. He has authored over 500 reports,
scientific papers, and
books on anti-aging. Dr.
Sears has also appeared
multiple times on many
media outlets including
ABS News, CNN, and
Now, his latest botanical stem cell formula is taking the town of
Palm Beach by storm.
Dr. Sears’ patients are
raving about how well,
and how fast, this new
formula called Restore
“As I have gotten older, I’ve noticed the skin
on my chest is blotchy
and often wrinkly. I’ve
been trying to find an effective product, but with
no success – until now.
Since I started using Restore, my chest and face
look much smoother,
more even-toned, and
younger,” says Peggy
D., of West Palm Beach,
Pat K. used the formula on the back of her

Clinical Trial Reveals: Botanical Stem Cell Extract Erases
Age Spots in 98% of Women. “It took decades off my face,”
says one elated user
hands. “It wasn’t my
face giving away my
age. It was the backs
of my hands. I felt like
my mother until I used
Restore. After just a few
weeks, it created the appearance of a brighter,
more even complexion
and I finally feel my own
age again,” she said.

The Research Behind
Age-Defying Results
Results like Peggy’s
and Pat’s are due to a
brilliant white flower that originated in
the Mediterranean. Its
blooms have been immortalized for hundreds
of years in paintings and
architecture. But the real
magic of this flower,
known as the Madonna lily, was revealed by
modern scientists who
discovered the skin
hidden deep within its
Botanical stem cells
from the lily reduce the
appearance of uneven
skin tones.
In laboratory tests,
Madonna lily stem cell
extract balanced the
look of skin 21% in 24
hours. In addition, skin
rejuvenation increased
up to 20%.

The Only Delivery
System That Can
Transport Botanical
Stem Cells Where
To ensure that these
beautifying ingredients
are delivered to the skin,
Dr. Sears encapsulated
them into a liposome
delivery system. Liposomes are similar to
small balloons. They’re
made of fats that are
almost identical to the
skin’s cell membranes.
When these loaded
balloons come in contact with the skin’s surface, they break open
and form a barrier over
the skin, sealing in moisture as well as the active
ingredients the balloons
carry. This allows the
formula to be better absorbed in the skin, so it
can be more effective.
“When you apply liposome cream to your
face, the liposomes in
the serum penetrate into
your pores, bringing
with it powerful, nourishing
said Dr. Sears. “Regular
skin creams don’t have
this capability.”
That could be why
this powerful skin cream
keeps selling out fast-

er than it’s produced.
People continue to rave
about the effect it has on
their skin.
“Within a few minutes of applying the
cream, it visibly plumps
out the under-eye area
and my cheeks as well
as those annoying lines
that deepen as we age
between the nose and
lips. It also felt like it was
tightening and smoothing my skin at the same
time. I definitely feel I
look younger whenever
I use it,” said Amy B., of
Montville, New Jersey.
And Cathy C said:
“The lines around my
mouth and eyes are
filled in and my skin is
tightened. I love having
younger-looking skin, so
I will continue using Restore.”

Try Age-Defying
Results of Restore
Yourself, Risk-Free
Dr. Sears wants everyone to experience the
appearance of evenly
toned skin while maintaining the smooth,
unlined look of youth.
The only way to get this
powerful plant stem cell
serum with liposome delivery is with his breakthrough Restore formula.
For life-changing results, buyers should contact the Sears Health Hotline at 1-800-892-1520
within the next 48 hours.
“We simply don’t have
enough of these unique
ingredients to ship Restore to stores yet,” said
Dr. Sears. “The Hotline
allows us to ship the
product directly to the
Dr. Sears feels so
strongly about this product, he offers a 100%
money-back guarantee
on every order. “Just
send me back the bottle
and any unused product
within 90 days, and I’ll
refund your money,” he
The Hotline will be
open for the next 48
hours. After that, the
phone number will be
shut down to allow
them to restock. Call
1-800-892-1520 to secure your limited supply of Restore. Those
who call in the first 24
hours are eligible for a
significant discount. Use
Promo Code NP921RS11
when you call.