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comprehensive eye care for all ages State of the art technology for the diagnosis and management of glaucoma, diabetes, macular degeneration, cataracts and retinal pathology Medical and Surgical Eye Care, including Cataract and Lid Surgeries Routine Eye Exams Contact Lens Fittings Thomas G. Berbos, MD Darah L Newell, OD SOUTH HILLS MEDICAL CENTER II, 301 SADDLE DRIVE, HELENA, MT 59601 Pediatric Eye Care, including Strabismus HELEna’S onLy CoMPREHEnSivE oPHtHaLMiC CLiniC HouSing a BoaRd CERtiFiEd oPHtHaLMoLogiSt, oPtoMEtRiSt and FuLL SERviCE oPtiCaL SHoP witH an aBo CERtiFiEd oPtiCian