Details for HELENA EDUCATION FOUNDATION - Ad from 2021-06-10

NEW THIS YEAR! To date, the Helena Education Foundation has awarded 408 grants and mini-grants, totalling more than $738,710! 63 MIDDLE SCHOOL GRANTS 174 ELEMENTARY GRANTS Mini Great Ideas Grants Mini Great Ideas Grants offer additional funding for 158 HIGH SCHOOL GRANTS enrichment opportunities for students. Educators may 13 PAL GRANTS apply for up to $500 per project; and grants are offered in four cycles per school year, and provide more flexibility and accessibility for smaller learning projects. Xylophones for Adaptive Music Learning to Code A soprano xylophone will add an additional instrument, enabling all students to participate in recorder ensembles while learning the same or similar musical notation as the rest of the group. Bee-Bots are an interactive way to introduce coding into the elementary classroom, providing fun, hands-on opportunities for students to develop a strong understanding of sequencing computational thinking and mathematical concepts. Teacher: Kaitlin Albus, Bryant Elementary School Sponsor: John Moore and Ann Waickman “LEGO” of the Past to “SPIKE” Excitement Teacher: Susan Selvig, Capital High School Adding the LEGO SPIKE robot to CHS’s FABLAB library, combined with the drag-and-drop Scratch coding language and advanced textbased Python, will allow students to build and create through experimentation and play—learning critical thinking and problem solving. Sponsor: Bill and Becky Eiker “Well-Rounded" Students for CHS Teacher: Jeanne Morigeau, Capital High School A 360-degree camera will provide myriad ways for all classes to create and interact in a digital format, including filming indoors and/ or out to capture instructional content, for remote learners, and to provide a full tour orientation for new students, among others. Sponsor: Patrick and Joni Walton Grow Your Lunch Teacher: Janna Cawlfield, CR Anderson Middle School Using math and science to plan, students will grow and harvest an indoor garden of salad style vegetables and herbs. When the vegetables are mature, students will harvest them and make salads and other snacks, learning about nutrition and healthy eating. Sponsor: Deb Horton, In Memory of Peter Horton Art! Art! Read all about it! Teacher: Jennifer Fitzpatrick, Hawthorne Elementary School Sponsor: Helena Abstract & Title Learning Through Lasering Teacher: Thomas Quinn and Joice Franzen, Bryant Elementary School Using a Glowforge Laser Printer for a showcase project, students will program a micro:bit and design, laser cut, and build a carrying case and create a working pedometer. The Glowforge Laser Printer will also be used in other content areas for all students at Bryant. Sponsor: Morrison-Maierle Calm Café Teacher: Mallory Arbizzani and Margaret Montgomery, Helena High School The Calm Café will be a temporary safe space where students with anxiety can re-enter school after a significant absence, allowing them to re-engage in learning at school, without having to immediately deal with the social stressors of participating in larger groups. Sponsor: Sweeney Educational Consulting Teacher: Jill Putnam and Andrea Thisselle, Jefferson Elementary School This grant will enable the purchase of on-level, Lakeshore Readers for students to read to their families as practice – both fiction and non-fiction books featuring the 88 Journey sight words, CVC words, other easy to sound out words, and supporting illustrations. Sponsor: STRIVE Consulting, Debbie Hunsaker Graffiti Books Teacher: Joanne Didriksen and Shannin Preshinger, Helena High School This grant will purchase high interest titles, with the intention that students can annotate, comment and share with other readers, as they can with eBooks. These “graffitied” books will then be circulated to the next student who will annotate in a different color and effectively “converse” with the previous readers, developing the joy and value of becoming part of a reading community. Sponsor: STRIVE Consulting, Debbie Hunsaker Can You Read Me Now: Every Good Boy Does Fine Teacher: Tamara Ashley, Jim Darcy Elementary School With an alto glockenspiel and two soprano glockenspiels, fifth graders will learn treble clef staff notation and practice reading rhythms through the pneumonic device: Every Good Boy Does Fine. Sponsor: Best Western Helena Great Northern Hotel Great Schools Are Everyone’s Business Teacher: Carrie Key, Four Georgians Elementary School With this classroom library of books about art, the teacher will feature an artist every month, reading the books to the students and highlighting and discussing their work. Students will then create a piece of art in the style of the featured artist. Take Home Sight Word Readers HELENA EDUCATION FOUNDATION 443-2545 H Functional Weight Training and Balance for Middle Schoolers Teacher: Rebecca Cleveland, CR Anderson Middle School Additional equipment will encourage activities centered around functional weight training, balance, and flexibility, including an afterschool fitness club to help middle school students reach healthy fitness levels and encourage life-long fitness. Sponsor: Peter and Maria Hanson Sponsor: The Funk Family, In Memory of Nancy Gordon Our gratitude to these Mini Great Ideas Grants sponsors: Bill and Becky Eiker H The Funk Family, In Memory of Nancy Gordon Peter and Maria Hanson H Deb Horton, In Memory of Peter Horton Debbie Hunsaker, STRIVE Consulting H John Moore and Ann Waickman Sweeney Education Consulting H Patrick and Joni Walton