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journey to & journey through The the The Journey To & The Journey Through A 5-part discussion series based on the book “My Two Elaines” by former Wisconsin Governor Martin J. Schreiber. “My Two Elaines” Book Club - Part 4 Coping with Alzheimer’s Disease AsacaregiverforsomeonewithAlzheimer’sordementia,it’seasyto constantly question yourself and whether you’re doing everything (or anything) right. Coping with your new life, throughout every stage of the disease is challenging. It’s extremely important to learn healthy ways to cope and how to let go of the self doubt, 1)&1)-/ 25* &,"7- -%2- 4(-)5 +46) '"-% -%"/ *"(#+,7- !40. Join us for part 4 of our 5-part series of engaging discussions, using Marty Schreiber’s popular book “My Two Elaines” as our guide. During part 4, we’ll uncover more about the ups and downs of caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s. Learn techniques to %25*7) -%) +%277)5&)/3 '2$/ -4 )6012+) -%) 646)5-/ 4( !4$ 25* how and when to ask for help. Thursday, Nov 7 at 1:00 pm Assisted Living & Memory Care | 406.502.1001 3207 Colonial Dr, Helena |

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