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“We need to talk.” Are four of the scariest words in the English language… “Your dad has Alzheimer’s.” ... until you hear these four. Joan’s parents Audrey and Robert had reached a point where making the move to senior living community seemed inevitable. Joan could easily see that caring for Robert was taking a toll on Audrey’s health. Robert’s dementia had progressed to a point that the family was no longer confident that she could safely manage it on her own; yet no one wanted to talk about the next step. All healthcare is NOT created equal. Decades later we talk about Let’s talk about it. In the 1950s cancer was only whispered about; So why should Alzheimer’s or dementia be any different? openly talking about the “c-word” was taboo. Back then there were few treatments and little hope for a cure, a cancer diagnosis was commonly withheld from the patient, for fear of causing further distress. Fast forward to today, imagine what those individuals felt back then; now you know how most individuals & families effected by Alzheimer’s disease or dementia still feel today. People who aren’t comfortable talking about it will attempt to hide their symptoms and emotions. Not seeking a proper diagnosis can be extremely detrimental and delays someone’s ability to receive the appropriate medical care and support services that will help them thrive rather than struggle to get by in a world that’s become increasingly overwhelming. cancer, that stigma is gone. Someone diagnosed with cancer seeks immediate, individualized care, from an oncologist that specializes in cancer treatment. Most wouldn’t deviate from the oncologist’s plan or negotiate the cost of the prescribed medical treatment, after all, it’s the best option to fight cancer. The Edgewood Memory Care teams wants to help erase the stigma of Alzheimer’s through openly talking about it. We want individuals and their families to feel comfortable seeking a diagnosis, treatment and services designed for this disease, because it’s the best option to fight this disease. Let the memory care experts at Edgewood show you how specialized care planning and programming, enhanced security measures, modified dining options and more hands-on support and care can help your loved one thrive at Edgewood. For a limited time, we’re offering all new residents a special price to take that next step. Memory Care apartments $4,775 now $3,975 Schedule your tour today. *Some restrictions apply. Assisted Living & Memory Care | 406.502.1001 | 3207 Colonial Dr. Helena |

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