Details for TOWN PUMP/MT STANDARD - Ad from 2019-07-14

The Prickly Pear Community Fireworks Show would like to thank all of the sponsors for helping us put on this year’s spectacular show. We could not do this without our sponsors and donors. If you would like to donate to next year’s show, you may !" G" 8D ''',J8GDEJ;J$84HJ'"H>G,#"&, F;J8GJ leave a comment with your business name so your logo can be added to our website. Any donation of $250.00 or more is tax !J!A#DB6;J, F;J8GJ &8>J #EJ#>G "AD D"+ FHB#>;% FJ8H @BHJ'"H>G ?E"'/ 8$! &8B; D"+ ?EJ;;BJ.G 0"A$DH% 08I(/ 5:77 9,?, ='% :7C )7/ =J;J$8/ 2< 3-1*:

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