Details for CITY OF HELENA - Ad from 2019-10-20

Media Release For Immediate Release: 10/17/2019 City of Helena, Parks & Recreation 316 N Park Ave Helena, Montana 59623 Contact: Brad Langsather, 406-447-8454, Jennifer Schade, Parks & Recreation, 406-447-8463, Subject: City of Helena To Begin Burning on Mount Helena and Mount Ascension HELENA, MONTANA, October 10, 2019 – The City of Helena Parks Department will be conducting prescribed burning activities on the north face of Mt. Helena adjacent to the 1906 Trail (SW1/4SW1/4, Section 27, Township 10 North, Range 4 West) and on the east face of Mt. Ascension (Lots 12-13, Arrowroot Parcel, Section 5, Township 9 North, Range 3 West) starting November 1, 2019 until April 15, 2020, weather dependent. The prescribed burning activities will involve the ignition of brush piles located within a forest fuel treatment units that total 35 acres collectively. Hand piled forest fuels occurring within the unit were accumulated during the course of a forest sanitation/thinning treatment entry which took place during the summer of 2015 - 2017. The ignited piles will be monitored to ensure safety and air quality compliance. Copies of the Prescribed Burn Policy for Helena Open Lands will be available for inspection during normal office hours by interested parties at the following offices of the City of Helena: Parks and Recreation Department 316 North Park Avenue, Room 405 Helena, MT 59623 Telephone: 406.447.8463 voice For more information, please contact the City of Helena’s Open Land Manager, Brad Langsather at 406.447.8454.

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