Details for Earth Day

It’s a nice planet.
Let’s keep it
that way.
We believe in
caring for Earth
as if our lives
depend on it…
…because they do.
We also know that nothing leaves a bigger mark
on the planet than your knife and fork.
That’s why when you shop at our store you’ll find
the most Earth-friendly choices, along with
the most people-friendly crew.
We’re here because we care—about the planet
and about your health. That’s why we started
in 1975, and that’s why we’re here to
serve you today.

How we help:

• Leaders in the big three: plant-based, organic and local foods.
• Bulk: foods, herbs, spices, teas and cleaning products.
• Grass-fed Montana beef.
• Recyclable and compostable packaging.
• Plastic bag reduction.
• And more.

Locally owned since 1975.
1096 Helena Ave • OPEN: Mon-Sat 8-8; Sun 9-7 •
Instagram @RealFoodHelena •


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